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Aug 9, 2018
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Seeing a bee on a summer flower is not that unusual. However this one was out on a chilly October day, finding the few remaining blossoms, that had not dried out and shriveled from the hot and dry days of August.

Bee and flower 2.JPG
I think her name was Sally but I cannot be sure, as she comes from a very large family :) :)
And, Sally can wait, she know it's too late.............................🎶🎶🎶🎶

I noticed we had quite a few wasps going about today. They can be very irratible this time of year.

Nice shot, tho I did wonder why B&W. Still cool mind.
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This was a bit of a toss up for B&W vs Color, However, only the bee and two of the flower heads were bright. The rest of the flower heads had dried to an orange brown and the back ground was light green and brown, so I chose B&W.

With a tight crop of the bee on a single flower, I might have gone with color, but I do have a bias for B&W and bee do not dally too long on a flower.

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