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    I am not really new to Photography .. I have been using a 35mm for many many years now .. and I want to upgrade to a DSLR ... I have a limit of around 1k for a new camera .. however I am not sure on what one to get .. I know my 35mm camera takes awesome Macro shots .. as well as other all around pictures however I am tired of taking the film in to get developed ...

    I normally take close ups of reef fish tanks .. Macro shots of coral and fish .. but I also do family portraits and nature .. I need a camera that will allow me to blow up the picture and still look good .. like 8x10`s and larger prints ...

    What DSLR would you suggest? keep in mind my budget is in the 1k range ... 2 cameras that I have been looking at are the EOS Rebel XSi .. or the Sony Alpha DSLR-A350 SLR

    Any input would be great!


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    Do you have any money invested in lenses with the 35mm system you have right now? Really just about any DSLR in that price range will produce nice 8x10 - 16x20 or larger. It really depends on what line you want to invest in. If I had several thousand dollars already invested in lenses with a particular system though, it makes sense to stay with that line in order to use those lenses (assuming they're compatible).

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