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Jan 17, 2010
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Personally I prefer the BW version over the colour (as accurate as I remember it, damn CPL was in my wifes car).

A couple more I'd like to share from the set.

3. Finally got a shot that shows the persons face, lol.

4. I like the symbolism of this one, Dad is overseeing his son and also participating himself, both very good at this sport.

5. I wanted some wide shots (18mm on 1.6 crop) but I just couldnt get any action close enough to get the result I was after, will have to look into some splash proof housing of sorts.

6. This guy featured in my first set, really nice guy and was really stoked with the first set (managed 5 sales between him and his parents, always a nice bonus) and just kept thanking me for the images I got of him, he also said I had made him famous and earnt him some "man" points for the 4 image half page spread that appeared in our regional paper (which I did not realise they had published, but he went and bought a few copies so I will be able to get a copy myself, I told you he was a top dude).

C&C welcome.

Full set can be found here if anyone is interested.

Kitesurfing 9-10-2010 - a set on Flickr
Awesome shots Rob as usual - I really like the last one (#6) it seems like a great avatar type of shot or generic photo for publication in papers etc when talking about the guy general. #3 seems a bit underexposed, and could especially use some fill lighting (dodge/lighten) on the face of the main guy in the foreground.

Also as to your original question i prefer the BW over the colour version.
Hey fokker, long time between drinks, lol.

Cheers for your feedback, I actually got him to pose for that for about 15 seconds. I am getting more confident in talking to people and asking them if I can shoot them, having a chat and just asking them 15-20 seconds of their time.

Good point on No.3, might have another play with that.

Thanks tim, I did orignally have it more saturated, to be more pleasing to the eye, then I adjusted it back to how I remember it being, part of a "trying to keep it real" phase I go through with some shots.

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