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Apr 2, 2009
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:D hey please give me some feedback t
hanks in advance :D
Lighten, add contrast, enjoy!
I would like to see the original color, as well. I think the [what I assume is] brightly colored graffiti would look pop from the grey wall and rocks.
I like it! Only two things I would change are:

Crop so the upper left corner is wall too. And aljust levels so the image is not so mid-tone rich.

I see your photos are not OK to edit, so try a levels adjustment and see what it looks like. Its a cool shot!
i agree with what they said ^^

i'd like to go to a place like this and do some shooting!
so i should go lighter or darker with the mditones? im assuming lighter cause genie said to lighten it up as well, and i cropped it already so just lette me know
here we go i went ahead and posted both the original and than the second try of the pp one


MUCH BETTER! I like the color too! Now they look more "in your face"!
You didn't run across any giant mutant ants in there did you?

I like the color one the best. I didn't even notice the water coming out of the left one in B&W.
I think the color image is much better than the B&W conversions. There is a lot of noise in the B&W images for some reason.

Just looked at the exif...

Shutter Speed: 1/30
Aperture: f/4.0
ISO: 800
Focal Length: 18mm

Was it really dark there? And were you hand holding the camera?

Do you have a tripod? If you don't you might want to think about getting a good one so you can do this type of shot with a lower ISO (to limit the amount of noise in the image) and slow shutter speed and still have a nice, sharp image.
I prefer the color version of this photo, I think it "says" more in color. And again, crop the upper left corner so its all wall.
yeah it was pretty scary standing there looking into this black abyss of nothing and that drain was at the bottom of a huge hill so carrying my tripod was kinda out of the question and not to mention i was trespassing to begin with haha and yeah im really undecided about the color vs. B&W, I really like both so i have no idea

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