C&C Easter Portraits?? Please??:)


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Mar 7, 2006
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Hey everyone! So, I drug my two little ones into the living room today to take some Easter portraits in my pathetic homemade "studio". Just stuff from around the house, nothing special as far as lighting or camera for that matter! Anyway, I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out despite my lack of equipment. Any C&C welcome and appreciated!

#1: http://www.flickr.com/photos/58615890@N00/119458102/in/photostream/




I think you did a good job. My only criticisms would be:

The first 2, I would have liked to see your boy not so straight on. Turn the shoulders a little and have him turn his head to you.

I am not that big of a fan of the softness. This is more a personal thing probably, but I would like to see those sharp. Maybe just soften the background.

Thank you so much for the comments everyone. The orange color cast that you're noticing is from my lighting, just regular old household lamps. I would've been much happier with these without that color cast, but couldn't get rid of it without washing everything out in PS. Overall, though I'm pretty happy with these. I got them printed yesterday and they look really nice. Thanks everyone!
I think the poses are great.. I Agree with his STRAIGHT pose.. Doesnt seem like he is relaxing enough.. Also the Eyes and teeth.. To me they look *unreal* The first one his eyes - its like you can see straight through to the background... The 3rd and 4th.. FOr the soft colors they are way to Bright... Try leaving them NOrmal with out playing with them.. Id like to see the pictures like that.
Overall pretty good. However, I get the feel that they're slightly over blown and slightly over sharpened. Working with an original and PS, I'd probably try a 15% cooling filter (80A) first and see if it improves the skintone. Then I'd have a bash at the levels and leave the sharpness alone. Not sure if that'd help?


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