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Aug 29, 2010
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I just did my first wedding and would like some opinions on my pictures, these are fast edits will spend more time later but how do you think I'm doing so far?



EDIT: Ooops sorry posted in wrong section glanced at basics and thought this was the one, Can a mod move this to the beginners please.
Not sure about these. Why horizontal? Why does the image fade away from the center in the second one? The eyes are naturally drawn to the brighter parts of an image, away from the couple. Why do cut off the dress in the second one?. Needed some fill flash.

Frankly both are kind of weak to my eyes.
not bad at all. I would work with the rules of third a little it more. They both are a little 2 center for me.
I like the way the colors and tones stand out in #1. And, yes, I would try a vertical crop. I don't think I'd crop them to the side though. It's too tilted, too, but otherwise it's a :thumbup:
Hmmmm... call me crazy, but I actually like the compositon and treatment here very much. I think that both of these are nice, strong images, and yes, the subject is centered and the aspect horizontal rather than vertical, but it works in my mind (but they do need to be levelled).
I think they are both a bit underexposed.
I think they are both great but a little too dark! I would crop number one to vertical though.
I agree with tirediron, i like the horizontal and treatments.

In #1 I wish we could follow her arm the rest of the way, the line created there seems abruptly cut.. shifting the framing over and down a bit to include the arm would place them more towards the left, addressing others' thoughts.

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