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Oct 3, 2011
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Melbourne, Australia
Hey everyone :) Finished up editing a few photos that I took a couple of days ago. Would love some critique and comments to see if I'm heading in the right direction. I think it would be very helpful!





Next time I come back, I'll be moving further up this concrete jetty as I decided it wasn't the nicest forground subject. I also wish I had gone the 2/3 sky route on the last two.

I'm still very new to photography, so any comments would be appreciated!
Very pretty. I agree with your CC :) You caught the skies beautifully!
yes the skys are amazing! As for c&c, the only real thing that 'gets' me is the sky; there is no real subject. I haven't had much practice on landscape photos so am not much help sorry!
Interesting sunset set. Out of the 4 pictures, number 1 is the best of the set. The sky has a nice tonal variation to deep blue, while the clouds still have a glow from the setting sun. the 2/3 sky makes it the main subject, while the foreground with the rock wall doesn't over power the scene. All over, a really solid composition. Picture 2's sky doesn't come close to the brilliant blues of picture one, and the bright yellow clouds are just that, way too bright, and just to many of them. Pictures 3 & 4 as you said would be much better with a 2/3 sky, and there is just too much of the rock wall so that it competes with the sunset as the main subject. Picture 4 just looks under exposed as the setting sun just doesn't have much of a influence in your composition.
Thanks for the critique Joel! Definitely some things I'd do different next time in regards to composition. My grad ND filters arrived today too, so i think that will help a great deal, as I wanted to get a smooth lake, but was unable to make my shutter speed too long due to overexposure without the filters.

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