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    I've been promising some fellow skateboarders that I'd make a skate-calandar for 2006, kind of forgetting that I have no idea how to go about doing so. About half are film (7 of the 13) and I plan to shoot the rest in digital (as soon as I get a D70). Will this be a problem? I've saved and organized all the negatives I'll need. If I shoot in digital, should I keep the origional NEF file, or should I convert the image the way I like, and save the jpeg? Also - where? Do most photo developing places make calandars for you? A website?

    thanks, max

    PS. I decided that every single photo in the "skate calandar" has to be vertical, and I want to keep that aspect ratio, will that be a problem? I thought it would be cool to have "skinny" date boxes.


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    Most lithographic or commercial printing shops will be able to help you with this, rather than a photo store. Your most difficult thing is picking the quantity. Generally, they don't like doing print runs and one copy will cost the same as 100 or 500 copies. You need to get an idea of how many you're going to make and then price it appropriately. A photographic store would be able to print out at high quality on their printers, but would probably charge you £2 per sheet, and it'll be the wrong kind of paper for a calendar. You'd be better doing it on an inkjet yourself.

    Most print stores will let you give it to them in pretty much any format - Adobe, Word, Powerpoint, Photoshop or whatever - chat to them first and find out how much it costs.

    I've done several printed publications such as newsletters and things and it's generally better to think big. If it's good, then local skate shops will sell it for you!


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