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Jan 31, 2006
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I am trying to find digital camera info. Things like how exactly a digital camera works and what is in the lens and all that good stuff but can;t seem to find anything. Does anyone know of any good websites I could check out on the subject? Thanks

In todays' modern slang, there is a term that goes..."Google it".
I take that to heart, and advise that you do the same.
By typing in a few words, you can find HUGE amounts of information on anything and everything. The big trick is knowing how to type it in.

Now. When it comes down to info on digital cameras and any advise on anything, go to Barns and Nobel,, etc and look up any one of a myriad of books on the subject. Ranging on the Magic Lantern series on specific camera types, to the 'For Dummies" series for the absolute beginner.

Though this answer I give is a little vague on specifics, keep in mind that there is literally tons of info on any one of the items you ask.
With Google, you can type in words such as "shutter speed", "ISO rating", "aperture", "bellows extension", and even specific information on camera sensor's sensitivity to light temperature. Just use your imagination to get the info. You will get a great deal of info, and probably more than anyone person on this forum could give in one answer.
I do hope it helps...

As for Goggle, I typed in the term you used "digital camera info" and got back a bunch of hits.

Here are just three...

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