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Oct 26, 2006
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I finally got the XRite ColorChecker Passport and created a profile for my D3.

I took a properly exposed picture outdoors. Converted it to DNG and imported to the ColorChecker profile maker.

I created the profile and saved it yet can't use it in Camera RAW.

From other posts I have seen like this, the program gives you numbers on how far off the shadows are off, the blue, etc.

Also, do I need to make a profile for each different lighting situation (cloudy, daylight, shade, etc).

It's no problem to get the white balance right but I really want to use this for camera profiles.

I'm a little new to this but want the right color!

What did you convert to DNG? If you convert a JPEG to DNG then run that through ColourChecker the resulting profile will not show up in Lightroom even if you saved it in the correct location.

By the way are you saving them in the correct location and then restarting photoshop and lightroom? THe correct location is %AppData%\Roaming\Adobe\CameraRaw\CameraProfiles

I don't like the colour checker profile maker. The profiles created by Adobe have far more detail in them, better algorithms and such that make the resulting profiles behave my better when doing things like highlight recovery. I would recommend opening the DNG file (converted from RAW), in Adobe DNG Profile Editor, and then manually adjust the colours to suit. The result biases the adobe profile in the direction you want rather than generate an inferior profile from scratch.

The DNG profile spec uses two colour points. Daylight and Tungsten. So take one picture out in the sun at lunchtime, and the other under a 100watt incandescent bulb.
I converted a RAW to DNG using ACR to convert it. I don't have a DNG converter.

I may need to re-do everything.

I am just wanting accurate color and this is why I bought it. How would I do it through Adobe? Is it through PS? Even on a calibrated monitor, I could adjust all day and I know the color wouldn't be right.


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