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Campus Pictures


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Oct 12, 2010
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Just picked up my D5000 not too long ago. Tonight I took a walk around campus for a little and took some shots. I think a few of them turned out OK. I used manual mode on all the shots.

Please give me some feedback on these shots. I'm very to new to this so let me know what I can do to improve. Bonus points if you can name the school ;) Thanks!








And a bonus one that I took a few weeks ago...

Penn State!

I like #2 because it's a different angle from what I'm used to seeing in pictures of campuses. It's helpful isolating a smaller part of the architecture to look at.

But you missed focus on #3-it's focused on the leaves in the front of the building instead of the building. So there's nothing interesting to look at in the part that's in focus.
Thanks for the feedback

On #3 I actually wanted to focus on the leaves, thought it might look cool with old main in the background. Maybe it didn't work :er:
Here are some thoughts - I hope they help!

#1 - The colors seem dull; may be fixable in Photoshop. It needs something interesting in the foreground. Maybe one of those decorative lampposts going up one side.

#2 - I'd prefer it if the tower were vertically straight. It's got the leaning back look from your low camera angle. It's an easy fix in Photoshop.

#3 - More light on the leaves would have helped. The viewer can't tell that the leaves were meant to be the focus. The building could be more out of focus. Both the things can be achieved with a larger aperture.

#4 - good shot, but I think it also needs some foreground interest.

#5 - I like this one. It's a pretty scene and the girl with the diligent walk gives it some of that elusive foreground interest! If you converted to B&W by desaturating, go back and try adjusting the various colors in the conversion process. You can find out how to do this with your particular software by searching the interweb. The result, if done right, is less of a bland overall medium-grayness.
My 2 cents;

#1: I failed to find an interesting subject. The picture didnt do much for me.

#2: Perhaps a pulled back view?

#3: Has already been said, but I also believe that if the building was in focus this would have been a good shot.

#4: I believe your horizon line is tilted to the left a little.

#5: I really liked this shot, my only thing is that her walking pose looks realy robotic like? I know this couldnt be helped but other than that, good shot.

#6&7: Fall into the same catagory as #1.

Keep on shooting.

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