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Can you help me with a photo please?


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Nov 19, 2011
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United Kingdom
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Hi I am in a bit of a delemma at the moment. One of my photo's which I titled heaven has been chosen by the London photo gallery to exhibit.

They want me to send the image at 300 dpi high res JPEG (2-3 MB).

The thing is I don't know how to make it 300 dpi as I did it in a programme called Picture monkey which compressed it a bit.


Please can you tell me how I can get the resolution to 300 dpi?

I am thrilled it has been chosen, but I am now worried i am going to miss out as per usuel because of my stupid lack of knowledge.

I have to get it to them by the 18th of October.

Can you advise me please?
Dpi is a term used in printers, is it 300ppi, pixels per inch. In order to send it at 300 ppi you have to know what size they intend to print this. Example, if they want to print it 20 inches by 12 inches it needs to be 6000 pixels by 3600 pixels.

I'm not sure any free software will allow you size at this type of accuracy, but if you bring it to any pro photographer or maybe a graphic designer possibly they could, alternatively download a trial version of photoshop/lightroom or other program. maybe "photoscape" or "faststone" which are free editing programs may allow you also
Alternatively pm me, and I'll give you my personal email address you can send full res image to me and I will re-size for you tonight when I'm home and send back (but you need to give mw all the details of size as I said above)
Ok thanks that's very kind of you :)

I'll see if I can find the PM button, how do i do that please? They didn't mention a size, just wanted me to send the image to them at full resolution (if that helps)
If you want to send an image fullsize to them when you email it and attach it, your email may give you the option of attaching a file or a photo- use the file option as if you use the photo option the email server may auto compress the jpeg file, if you select file and then attach jpeg it should remain unscathed
Doesn't matter, send it as said above, there computer photo viewer should size it correctly for viewing

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