Canon 1DX or Phase One?


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May 3, 2006
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I know there's at least one person on here who has preordered a D4..

Considering that the D3x is about $8000, the 1DX $6500, and the D4 $6000, if your main schtick is shooting portraits, was there any consideration in switching to medium format digital? Used systems, like Mamiya 645AFD's and DM22's can be had for $5000-$6000 with lens.

If I was going to spend that much money on a 35mm type SLR, to shoot pictures of mostly stagnant subjects, i'd at least consider Medium format.

What's your take? For $6000 would you rather have a D4 body, or an older Medium format digital system?
My next major purchase is going to be a Phase One back for my 645AFD. The bigger the negative/sensor, the better! :thumbup:
1DX for me. :D

I don't do much studio stuff, so I don't really need a "dedicated" studio camera. Heh.
You left out the d800 which is 36mp for just $3k

Medium format cameras are typically slow to focus and slow to shoot compared to their small format counterparts.
I would enjoy the versatility, fast handling, compact size, light weight, and affordability of the new D800, for $3,000. The low-end medium format backs are not really "medium format" in the sense of 120 square or 6x7 or 6x9...the sensors are actually smaller than any of those. I would not spend 4-5-6k on "old tech"...I'd look for something much,much lower-cost in a used MF back.

What is going to be the IMAGE SIZE out of a low-end MF back when cropped to a tall??? Will it be as tall as a D800 frame, at over 7,000 pixels tall? WOndering also about the video capabilities of a d-slr versus a $5-$6,000, used, "old-tech" MF back...
I personally would enjoy the medium format digital BUT they don't handle as well nor as versatile as the Canon 1DX. There's also a factor about cost of additional lenses which I have not looked into.

IMO, the cheapest (and modern) way to get into medium format digital is the Pentax 645D. $10000 for the BRAND NEW is very close to the Canon's $8000 USD mark.
As much of a fan of Nikon as I am, if I were strictly studio, or strictly landscape, I would go with the MF digital. But, if that's not absolutely, 100% exclusively what I'm doing, which it's not, I would go with one of the other three models. If I really wanted to get as close to MF resolution, I'd go with the D800 (which I did).

How about this setup


Why not the 1Dx and the PhaseOne?

What are you, part of the 99% or something?
I used to write film off as too inconvenient!

Since joining this forum and actually doing some research, I am becoming curious about the power of film. I find the dynamic range of digital cameras a bit trashy to say the least, the look of film has this organic feel that digital doesn't seem to replicate very well. I may begin to try it very soon! The problem is though, the more you hear about film becoming obsolete the more expensive and difficult it will become to get your images processed.

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