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Feb 16, 2012
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Is there a product out there that acts as a level for dslr's? I have a canon 5 d mark ii. I thought I saw something that goes in the hot shoe and acts as a level, but I will still be wanting to use my flash.
Why do you need one? I mean you have a lot of pixels. You can easily level the photos when you process it.
If you are shooting architecture it is wise to level your camera to prevent angular distortions ( Yeah I know, Lightroom) and panoramas

You may want to just get a small spirit level to place on your lens on setting up at a hardware store
Hotshoe Spirit level

Ebay has loads and they are very cheap (and generally ones like Manfrotto brand options are higher priced and only so because they cream off a lot more profit from them).
You don't mention if you're wanting to hand hold the camera or not.

Many tripods and tripod heads have a level built into them.

Strobed light (flash) is usually a lot more effective if it is NOT on the camera hot shoe.
Although I do not advertise this portion of my business, I do govt, mechanical and engineering imagery. All structure based in some way or the other.
I simply use a small level (lwalmart, lowes etc) and place under the body and then on the side. Always on a tripod of course, and then review the image to make sure lines are good depending on what lens I use. I do a lot of this with a wide angle lens and of course fix till my heart is content in PS. Yes, I do stitch images as well depending on the shots. but you can get a tripod head with a level, but that wont necessarily level the body. Remember, the body has to attach to the plate and then the tripod. Use the body.
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If you are going to stitch images, you'll want the tripod head to be level as well. To level the head, you can use the tripod legs, or get a leveling plate to go between the tripod and the head. They are especially useful when setting up in a location with uneven terrain.

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