Canon 600D Powering on and off noise help


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Jun 30, 2013
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Hello. I have just recently got my first dslr camera, a Canon 600D. On powering on and off there is always a clicking noise. I know this is the camera and not a problem. However, Today, when I power it on an off it makes no sound at all. There has been a couple of occasions on powering off the noise has been there, The clicking whir that is normal. Is the fact there is no sound a problem or something? Thank you. David
If the lens has IS (Image Stabilization), you may be hearing the IS starting up at power up and stopping when power is turned off.
I used to hear it all the time. Im using the kit lens 18-55mm with stabilising turned on. Its still turned on yet there still isnt any sound at all. Any posts I find through google are people asking whats wrong with it making sound or how to turn the sound off. Lol. Im worrying about why I no longer hear it. Lol.

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