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Jun 10, 2013
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I err on the aged side of life as such not quick to learn so I have a question regarding the Canon 60 which I just purchased and taking video
Firstly let me say I opted for the SLR because of the view finder but it would seem in video mode this is not operative ? is there a way of taping looking through the viewfinder ? or am I forced to purchase a camcorder ?
Is there a way to use the LED screen in bright sunlight and be able to see whata you are taping ?
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The way that an SLR camera works, there is a mirror in front of the film/sensor. This mirror directs the image from the lens, up into the viewfinder array, where it bounces around and is then viewable in the viewfinder. But when it takes a photo (or shoots video) that first mirror must flip up and out of the way, so that the light/image can go directly back to the sensor. That is why the viewfinder goes dark when you snap a photo or record video.

Many video cameras and non-SLR type digital cameras have an electronic viewfinder. It's basically a tiny screen that you see when looking into their 'view finder'.

So what can you do? Well, you could get a viewfinder accessory for your LCD screen.
Viewfinder Adapters | B&H Photo Video
There are options from $25, up to several hundred dollars.

If it's just a matter of shooting in bright light, you could even use an LCD hood. Again, you'll find many options from cheap to very expensive.

Check out this site/company...they make all sorts of hoods and viewfinder accessories. Hoodman Corporation

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