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    Can anyone shed some light on the bp511 battery. Does canon make their own that they put their name on and sell with their cameras, and after market ones are made by a different company, or are they all made by the same place, and canon just pays a little more to have their name put on it?

    What brings up this question is this...

    I just bought 3 batteries from this place...

    for less than 1 canon bp511 from B&H.

    Others on this board have sworn by these cheaper batteries and said they are just as good. Just wondering if anyone knows any details of the origins of either canon's, or after market batteries.


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    I use Sterlingtek batteries and they work great. No problems with over a year of use so far.

    I don't think they are all made in the same place...but I don't really know.

    I read somewhere that 'off name' batteries may be prone to overheating because they don't have the same venting as 'brand' batteries. That would only be an issue if they were short circuited or left under very hot sun etc.

    I don't know if that is true...or not. But I wouldn't leave my batteries in the sun, in a hot car...whether they were Canon or not.

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