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Final waltz of my 14 year old Canon G9 (pic heavy)

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hora lapsa non redebit
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Jun 13, 2015
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Because in 2008 I was not very impressed by the digital work that I'd seen so far, I bought a Canon G9 just before my holiday to Lisbon to give digital photography a try. Actually this Canon model was very popular with Dutch professional photographers so indicated to me this probably wouldn't be a too bad buy.

In the past 5 years I ended up not using the Canon G9 very much, useful on various holidays because of the light weight of the camera as I've had problems and multiple surgery with both wrists and forearms for a long time which ultimately made me have to give up my company after 30 years. When I took some pictures last week after recharging the battery, I noticed a huge decline in quality, an insane noise in the darker parts of photos at ISO 80, white, small spots in the images (extinguished pixels ) and so I think high time to say goodbye to my first digital camera. Yesterday I made a nice walk through my beloved forest where I always take my Fuji cameras, but my Canon G9 has never been.
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These are great pictures! I think it’s a funny coincidence that you are posting about this camera. My grandmother recently dug out her G9 for a vacation! She didn’t end up bringing it, but I’ll take a look at it when we get back and see if it has any of the issues you mentioned.

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