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Canon EF 28-300mm f/3.5-5.6L IS USM

ok, I did play with it a bit.

first of all, it is a little monster in terms of size and weight ;)

of course the focal range makes it very versatile.

but from my impression it is not as good in terms of image quality as other L-lenses. In particular the distortion at the extreme ends and CA are not perfect.

The L-primes are a different class compared to this one.

But I should not rant about the lens all the time, for the huge focal range Canon has done a very good job here!
If your looking to carry just one lens, I doubt there is one that can compete with the 28-300 in terms of range and performance. A bit short on the wide end for a crop sensor, other than that it seems solid. It is an L; so I doubt it's a lemon. That's a HUGE range to put into one lens. There are trade-offs, but I think most people can live with it. The only complaint I have heard of is that it is a bit soft wide open. Not too bad if you consider stopping it down a bit.

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