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Canon EF 28mm Canon EF 85mm 32gb CF cards

Jackson Miller

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Sep 2, 2010
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I am selling the following things. Please post here and/or pm me for more info and pictures.

Canon EF 28mm f/1.8: ~1 yr old. Good condition, I see nothing wrong with it. Price: reduced to $385

Canon EF 85mm f/1.8: ~1 yr old. The glass of lens is in very nice condition. Will work great for someone who mainly manual focuses (all us video people). There is an issue with the autofocus. About half the time, the AF does not respond until I apply a gentle pressure to the lens with my focusing finger and then release. It seems there is a connection problem but once I have "adjusted it", it usually works fine for a few minutes at least. Nothing is noticeably loose and nothing moves when I push the lens. I honestly don't know what is wrong but it happened just outside of my warranty. The fact that it acts up is not my reason for selling and I do a lot of photography with AF. Someone will get a good deal considering it is still very possible to do photography and of course video with it. When the AF works, it works perfectly, same speed as normal etc. And I just push it when it doesn't. Not a problem for video people. Also, this is my favorite lens I have used as far as color, bokeh, saturation, sharpness and contrast. Excellent. Price: Reduced to $245 OBO! Sells for almost 400 new!!!

Bushawk Gunstock 300sV rig: ~1 yr old. This sells for 150 new and is the video kit: BushHawk 300sV Shoulder Mount for Video Cameras with Double Handle . Great cheap gunstock for dslr's or other cams. I put orange gaff tape in various places on it so that no one would mistake it as a gun from afar. I can try to clean this all off if you want. Also, the pad that goes over the stock kept slipping so I taped it on but it just got all sticky. I will definitely do my best to clean that. Price: Reduced to $100 OBO!

Raynox Semi Fisheye Conversion Adapter Add on lens (0.3x, 37mm): This is the highest quality fisheye adapter for vixia camcorders other than the 300 dollar leica ones when I bought it and it is still probably the same. One other model replaced this I think but this one is still being sold for 90-100 bucks on amazon. Price: Reduced to $69 OBO!

Panasonic CGA-D54s 5400mAh battery for DVX, HVX, HPX170: These sell for 140 new. Price: Reduced to $95 OBO!

Also Manfrotto Modosteady for $69
All prices do not include shipping. I am open to negotiations as I need to sell this stuff. If there ends up being a paypal fee, we will split it. In the states preferred. In the states preferred.
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