Canon G16 point and shoot, excellent condition.


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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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this camera still looks to be in mint condition, i see one little nick on the metal ring that is around the lens, you can see that nick and a white dot right next to each other in the photo, the white dot is painted on the ring so that is not a blemish. takes amazing photos for a point and shoot, but it only has a 5X zoom and it can be a little large to fit in some pants pockets, it will fit in all of my pockets but it can be a tight fit with some pants.

i want to get something a little smaller with more zoom,

it looks like these still run around 400.00 new. asking price 275.00 shipped to the USA and i will only accept pay pal.. it does take very good photos and the few videos i took with it turned out pretty good from what i remember.


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still for sale. comes with a charger, the cable to hook it to the computer and a couple of battery,
feel free to shoot me a offer on the camera if you are interested.

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