Canon Rebel XS vs Canon Rebel T3


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Jan 20, 2012
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I have really wanted to get back into photography, after taking some classes when I was younger. Decided I wanted something more than a point and shoot, something I can build on with lenses and have more tools at my disposal. I have read a fair amount up on DSLR's now, but still don't have quite the grasp I feel I should when it comes to purchasing. I am looking at going relatively cheap to start out.

I believe I have narrowed it down to these two cameras, but figured I would seek some more experienced photographers advice and opinions. They are both about the same cost, with the XS model being about 3 years old and the T3 being about 1 I believe. However I am unsure how cameras such as these scale over time. Is the XS a higher quality camera, just older with lower resolution, therefore the price has dropped over time? Is the newer T3 more advanced in a way that might dissappoint me if I went with the XS?

Anyways, any help is appreciated. Thank you all in advance, and I do apologize if this is a repetitive question, or in the incorrect forum. I searched for about an hour through various topics, but did not find anything tailored enough to this question to satisfy me prior to one of my more expensive hobby items of late.

Edit: And I am open to any other brands or cameras, I did see a lot of posts mentioning getting used/refurbished cameras, but I am unsure of how to to go about getting one that is in good shape/100% functional. I assume amazon/ebay sellers with a good history may be my best bet, but am not sure.
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T3 hands down. You should be able to find the XS quite a bit cheaper than the T3. Strongest reasons for the T3 are the 6400 ISO, 12MP, and Video...reasons for the XS...well none really.
Thanks for the reply, with your clear response I went ahead and went with the T3. Now I play the waiting game :(

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