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Feb 9, 2009
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This post is not intended to start a Canon vs. Nikon war, I'm just curious. I know everyone has their preference, but is there a big difference in the brands? I have taken several photo classes now and every instructor has totally dissed Canon. In my last class the instructor said on the first day that "Nikon is just better" and looked pained whenever he had to help someone who had a Canon. In another class I was told that only Nikon takes sharp pictures, that pictures from a Canon are always soft. I recently tried to sign up for another class and the instructor asked me what type of camera I had. When I told him Canon he said it would be hard for me to accomplish anything in his class because I wasn't working with top of the line equipment. I always thought that GOOD photographers make great pictures, not the particular form of technology you choose to use. Most of the photo stores in my area seem to push Nikon as well. I chose a Canon because all of my friends and family have Canons and spoke highly of the brand, nothing against Nikon.
Your instincts are's the the photographer, not the camera. It almost sounds like these instructors have an agenda to push Nikon.

Blindly comparing brands is so very useless. Each brand has different levels of cameras and lenses. It's easy to say that a Nikon D700 is better than a Canon Rebel could also say that a Canon 5D mkII is better than a Nikon D80. What does that prove?...nothing!

I would be very careful about spending any money on classes from instructors with that attitude.
After the one instructor told me my equipment wasn't top of the line so I couldn't learn anything I declined to take the class. Sad really, because I'm sure he has a lot of knowledge, but is only willing to share it with Nikon shooters.
OH boy here we go.....

Your teachers are idiots! I was a canon owner who has switched to nikon, Not because there better, but because canon pissed me off when I had a camera issue. Since than I been using nikon. I can tell you that they are both great cameras and you will not be disappointed with either of them.

I find it hard to believe that every instructor you came across dissed cannon unless they have shares in nikon. You are right "GOOD photographers make great pictures" I seen photos shot with P&S that will put crappy photographers with high end equipment to shame. I'm sorry but if thats the information your getting from the instructors around your area, its time to go find a REAL instructor!
I agree! But there seems to be a shortage of those. I'm frustrated because there is only so much I can learn on my own as a beginner and it would be nice to have a decent, understanding, and PATIENT instructor who wanted to share their knowledge without ego.
Neither..... :)

PC vs Mac
Zune vs IPod
Nike vs Puma
Honda vs Toyota
Ford vs Chevy

Pc vs Mac = PC , more software
Zune vs Ipod = Ipod, more accessories
Nike vs Puma = Nike more retailers
Honda vs Toyota = Honda, Better interest rates
ford vs Chevy = Chevy, Ford sucks!

cannon vs Nikon = Stay tuned at the end of this thread
I'd be tempted to 'test' these instructors. Bring in a bunch of high quality prints of professional shots and ask them to point out which ones were taken by what camera brand...and just to mess with them, none of them would be Nikon.
hum .. did you go to the classes organized by ;)

just joking.....

But seriously, I do not think one system is better than the others. You use different tool for different things.

If I want the best high iso performance camera, I may go with Nikon. If I want to camera that can give me very sharp and details photo, I may go with Canon. If I want a system that can produce great macro shots, I may choose Canon ... on and on ....

Really, no real answer here for which one is better. On top of that, adding cost and other formats into the equation will make it even more confuse.
Yeah, Canon isn't really a professional photogs gear of choice. I mean, it's not like you would find a White House Photographer using something like a Canon or anything.

You never see white lenses (a Canon trademark) at big events or anything either.




I would say your "instructors" probably shouldn't be instructing and should be working behind a Nikon sales counter. They obviously are either ignorant or are so fiercely brand loyal they're extremely poor instructors. :D
Haha, those pictures are great!

Sooo...if the instructors in my area aren't the best teachers...what is the best way to learn and get better on my own? The forum has been awesome, but sometimes you just want a human being there showing you stuff, ya know?
Sooo...if the instructors in my area aren't the best teachers...what is the best way to learn and get better on my own?
Maybe find a working photographer and ask to assist them. In Photography, like many things, you can learn a lot more in the real world, than you can in a classroom.
If that is more than you want to do, then maybe look for a local photography club or society...somewhere where you can meet & talk to other photographers.
Chances are these "instructors" have worked professionally in 20 years (1987 being the year that Canon introduced EOS and started stealing a lot of thunder from Nikon). Before then "Nikon is King" held a lot more truth, and it's not uncommon to find older folks who are stubborn in their belief that Nikon is just inherently better, even while wielding some very entry level Nikon against a top-of-the-line Canon. In the commercial photography world it's either a 50/50 split or leaning Canon-- the D3x is the first Nikon with enough resolution to satisfy a lot of folks who prefer a high megapixel dSLR over medium format, so prior to that introduction Canon was more or less the only choice if you wanted more than 12 megapixels.

In short your instructors are either misinformed or simply outdated.

Seems like I've read this exact post before............:confused:

In any event.........If you were taking a photography class, the camera should have been irrelevant.

Fundamentals of photography; composition, lighting, exposure and creativity are what you are there to learn. No instructor should be standing over a student and telling them what levers, switches, or dials on a particular camera brand need to be turned, only that, for example, ISO, shutter speed, and aperture work together, etc.,..............they are fundamentals that work with all cameras.

Now, if you signed up for a course on "How to use a Nikon", then you might have been in the wrong place.
I just wonder if the people running your school would be interested in learning about a teacher who refuses to teach a student because of their equipment and not because of their prerequisite knowledge. That teacher might be out of a job! Try that. It might be fun. ;)

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