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Jun 14, 2006
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Toronto, ON
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Not sure if this is allowed or not in the General Gallery, but what I'm going to try to do is take a photo every day (I'll allow myself every two, due to any random circumstances ;)) and post it online...hopefully, with feedback from you guys, I'll be able to progressively get better and take better shots, even with a junky camera for now.

Mods, if this breaks a 'rule' or whatever, then that's fine, I'll just do what everyone else does...figures this just saves the board space of making a new thread all the time :)


First pic is a shot I saw today of a construction site near my house in Toronto with a bit of graffiti at the end of it. Normally, I hate having a fence in the way of the shot, but the stereotypical 'urban' feel of the scene is, I think, helped by it.

Since DA doesn't work well to direct link, I'll just use imageshack for now and hope the quality turns out ok

Hey, a fellow Torontonian :) Howdy from the Beaches

Re-uploaded on imageshack, hopefully that'll come through alright
Pic loads fine for me...

Why don't we have - a picture of the day thread, where we all post our pics of the day?
Cool shot. Nice tones on this one.
Was this shot in Toronto. Im in Scarborough, but dont hold that against me.:lol: :lmao: :lol:
Yeah, just down on Queen near Woodbine...not too too far from the Scarberia boundary ;)

Cheers Santos, I was pleased with how it came out
Cheers buffalo :)

Today's shot is one of several local firehalls, same intersection as yesterdays (happened to be going downtown the same way) doesn't look too too bad in greyscale, but I liked the colour version more, as I thought the sky turned out quite alright

Pics are loading fine now. I like the 'urban decay' feel of the first. And I've always liked the look of that old captured it nicely. I look forward to seeing your daily pics.

(And hello from the Queen's Quay area)
Heh, thanks man....glad to see you recognized the firehall, I'll see if I can get up to the other ones in the area as well, there's definately some places I have my eye on getting to.

Queen's Quay is a very nice live in one of the (many) new apartment buildings down in that area?
Well..didn't get a chance to take any today, so here's a pic of the Victoria Memorial outside Buckingham Palace in London...again, nothing special, but I thought the colours turned out alright

GoM said:
Queen's Quay is a very nice live in one of the (many) new apartment buildings down in that area?
(No, in one of the condos that have been there for a while, near Queen's Quay Terminal. There are a ton of new ones springing up in that area, aren't there?)

The sunlight hitting the gold part on top of the Victoria Memorial really makes the image pop. Looks good.
Few days delay, but now that I do have a new camera, it's time to have some fun...

This is from my dining room table, shot this afternoon...and no, my wall behind it isn't crooked, that's just a curtain :wink:


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