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Nov 11, 2008
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Boca Raton, FL
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What ISO did you shoot these at? I can't really tell, but the bottom photo looks just a tiny bit noisy. If you can lower your ISO and make your aperture as small as it can go, you can use a longer shutter speed and get more light trails so they are solid throughout the entire photo, instead of stopping short in places, like the car on the on-ramp. That much said, I like the trails. Nice shots!
I was at ISO 400, and shutter was between 2 secs. and 3 secs. -Danny
Try a lower iso and a higher f/stop. On the busiest street in the business area of the town I live, I can get 30 second exposures on the smallest aperture, which I think was f/22 on the lens I was using.

those are really good, though. I wish we had busier traffic here
this is I95 in south florida about as busy as it gets. It is just so damn bright from the street lamps. Everytime I try to slow down my shutter it would overexpose. Thanks... -Danny
What aperture were you shooting at? If slowing down the shutter is causing the images to overexpose, go smaller with the aperture (higher f/stop).

I like the effect of the car lights...reminds me of Star Wars lazer blasts.
I was at f/32

Here is one at 6 sec. exposure:


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