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Dec 5, 2007
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If your into cars, then lets talk. Dont have to be about anything in particular, just randomness...Anywhere from a ricer CRX to a Aston Martin...Or show pictures of your car...Like i said, as long as it deals w/automobiles, then its all fair game..Lets Talk
i drive a light blue 1989 chevrolet cavalier with 59,400 miles on it. feel free to discuss that.
Wow....low miles for a car 18 year old car

lol, when i make left turns and sometimes right turns, my windshield wipers go back and forth. makes for an amusing ride if youve never been in my car before.
I have a 94 Sunbird (same as a Cavalier) and my wipers will go off randomly sometimes...but not when I'm turning.
I have a 94 Sunbird (same as a Cavalier) and my wipers will go off randomly sometimes...but not when I'm turning.

mine also go off if i hit a big bump, or if im sitting in traffic.

did a mouse nest in your engine, too? or am i the only one that lucky? that bugger chewed through some wires which is why mine are kinda silly.
Here's something Blazer has 'Climate Control' rather than just a Hot--Cold dial, it has temperatures on the dial...with hot & cold settings at either end. The problem is that the 'Hot' setting makes the air very hot...but one notch down, into the numerical only lukewarm. All I want is air that will keep me warm without making me break out in sweats...but the automatic 'Climate Control' is too stupid. :(
I have a bit of a hobby car... a 1999 Grand Prix GTP 4-door sedan. Stock it did the 1/4 mile in 15.1 and did 27MPG on the highway. Maximum speed was limited by GM to 124MPH. Factory mandated 91 octane minimum fuel.



Today that same car does 12.9 @ 107mph in the 1/4 mile. It has done a police radar measured 163MPH. With a 30 second flashing of it's computer, it runs wonderfully on 87 octane (regular) fuel and does consistant 39MPG on the highway. This is my daily driver... yes, Canadian winters too.

My friend and I worked on his car... and since he has a way better "budget" than I do, he took his Grand Prix a little further:



My friend's car is a 12.0 @ 110mph car in the 1/4 mile... top speed, unknown.
My car is soooooo dirty that I would not even DARE to show you a photo :shock:

Today it went past 164.000km.

In this season, I really like the heated seats. (That is about all the car talk I can do :oops: ).

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