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card reader for compact flash


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Feb 28, 2009
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Dumb question #999. I bought a SanDisk extreme card for my Sony Alpha 300. My card reader is an older model I have used with my older compact flash cards. Will it lose any of the image quality with the extreme card or will it save it the same quality as hooking the camera directly?
Thanks Brenda
Don't worry about it, they will be just fine.
Don't worry about it, they will be just fine.


The image quality comes from your camera, not the card. The Ultra II, Extreme III & IV, and the Super-Duper VII :)lol:) all have incrementally higher rates at which data can be written to & from the card. I also believe the build quality (data retention) is rated for more "extreme" conditions for the higher quality cards.
some of the older card readers can't read big GB cards, so it might depend on how large the card might be.

for example, if might be fine with a 1g card but not handle a 4g card.

at that point you will need to get a newer reader.
The images are fine...it might not be able to read the card if its got too much memory....just fill up the card and see if it works. if not...hook the cable to you camera and to the computer and do it that way untill you can get a new card reader.

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