Care for a Swim? (C&C)


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Jan 12, 2009
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No PP. Kind of just like it the way it is. Any suggestions?

I'd like to see it without the building and stuff on the left. Maybe a really wide, but close to the ladder, shot of just the ladder and the icy water. It's a nice shot but you kind of loose the idea with the other stuff in it. IMO..
is that the moon i'm seeing top centre, or is there something on your lens/sensor?

Of course that's the moon. lol. It's during sunset.

I also had mixed emotions about the dock (like others), but there was no other way of getting the shot. Thanks everyone...

(I don't know who would ever swim there, even if it was warm out.)
i like it with the gives an industrial feel to an otherwise calming image.
I dont mind the dock either I think it works jsut fine in this shot it gives it a good feel. Good work!

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