Castlerigg Stone Circle


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Mar 19, 2006
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Nottingham, UK
Hey everyone,

I've just got back from a weeks holiday in the Lake District, in the UK. It has stunning scenery and is well worth a visit for any budding landscape photographer. I thought I'd share some photos of an acnient stone circle near Keswick, one of the main towns. I got up at 5:00AM to drive there and catch the sunrise. Then I came back and fell asleep again! Any constructive criticism would be much appreciated




You can see all of the Lake District gallery here:
These are nice :thumbup: ..... i would be tempted to add a touch more contrast to them, especially the last..... but well taken shots :thumbup:
they seem a little dark, but it probably was a little dark. i always find these type of shots (sunrise/sunset) challenging. Especially when you are trying to capture detail in the foreground, but not have the sky overexposed... i think that's where split or grad. ND filters come into play...

i love the second one, seems like such an interesting spot... nice series :thumbup:
Yeah, I thought about loosing the detail, I'm not really sure whether I've made a bit of a compromise, but it hasn't really worked. I might try creting two jpegs and then merging them! Wish me luck!
great colors, i really like the clouds in the last shot.
Even after retreating, you should try to give more consistance (contrast and saturation) to the green from grass, without touching the other colors (use a Saturation layer, with the green channel only)

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