Cathedral - Does the 2nd version work here?


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Nov 13, 2008
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This is the first version I did


But then I wanted to spice it up and give a dramatic look. (Yes the cloud is washed out, and I like it like that) But does it work?

I like the 2nd one because I think it gives the church and the building more life...
remember sometimes showers are ok.
Second one is much better. You can see the sun rays more and the contrast on the cathedral gives it much more depth.
First one is too low in contrast. Second one, the cloud in the URC is badly blown out and looks bad. I'm not really diggin' the falling over backwards building.
I like the sky in the first one and the building in the second one. I would have tried to blend and mask to keep both. I'd also get rid of the pedestrians and the gear on the ground unless there is some specific reason to keep them.
Nice! Show some color versions too please
Ok for those who don't like the blown out sky version I do have another one. Aspect ratio is slightly off because its done to use as my background but here:


Robinson, as requested :)

Really like the second version. The super high contrast I think is nice. Yes, it does have a "curvy" perspective, but it makes it look surreal...which I think is a good thing for the subject material.
Yeah man.. nice.. you can clone out those people so easy.
Thanks guys. Robinson, yeah I'm working on it. Its kindda hard but slowly its coming along. But for my print though, I'm most likely going take few different shots of it and mask the people off. I think it might do me better for showing details :thumbup:

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