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Cathedral Falls, WV


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Mar 25, 2009
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Lake Orion, MI
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A couple of shots of Cathedral Falls near Gauley Bridge, WV. It is viewede and photographed during the spring as it completely dries up during the summer unless there is a lot of rain. All comments are appreciated


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Hi tony - i like the close up the best because you get to see the detail of the soft water that bit clearer. Looks very bright at the falls -Id say it was difficult to get the exposure time that you needed for this shot even with the help of ND grad filter(s).

Nice shot


Thanks for the comments and you are correct it was tough keeping the very bright areas of the water from blowing out. Both were shot with the Nikon D200 and a Nikon 12-24mm lens at with a circular polarizer @ f/16
with the closest shot @ 17mm and 1/2 second exposure and farthest shot at 12mm and 1.1 second exposure
Classic shots Tony - looks like you have fun when you shoot. I need to spend some time on your site.

I like the first shot (the far away one). It shows more of the surroundings.
The second shot seems very stock-ish.

Janice and I do have lots of fun with our photography, I personally have enough stress everyday in my job that I do not intend to carry it over to my photography. For us photography is an relaxing outlet for a enjoyable time and time to relax. This does not mean that Janice and I are not serious about our photography, but since it does not pay the bills we can enjoy it without the stresses that would otherwise be involved. This is the also reason that although we do occasionally sell a photograph when it is requested We do not actively market our photography at the local art shows or on our website as we would much prefer to be out shoot rather than setting in a booth selling prints. We both completely refuse to shoot weddings, senior portraits, etc even though we have been ask to many times, as we consider those activities as work. The enjoyment we get being together out in nature with our cameras is much more important than the extra money we I could possibly make at this point in our life.

Thanks for your comments, I like the first shot best myself and it really makes an awesome print when it can be viewed large, We had it printed at 24 x 36 and matted and framed it for friends for Christmas and it is amazing the detail and texture that can be seen.

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