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Jun 23, 2014
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Im pretty new to photography and have been reading a ton of articles since these photos were taken so i can already look at them and see a ton of things that can be approved on, but still looking for some constructive criticism.

I am so looking to build a portfolio or online album and find more clients to "practice" on and gain experience. i was discussing with my husband offering free shoots to people so that i can gain experience but he told me he doesnt think anyone will take me serious unless i am charging a small amount. like maybe $50 for an hour session? what do you think of charging as a beginner and how much?
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These look pretty good to start.
Why don't you tell us what you think could be changed for the better in each one and that way we know what you know?
And what editing software have you used?
Money changing hands does make people feel differently toward their photographer, yes. As far as C&C, I'd like to comment on shots 6 and 7, which were framed as horizontal images, and both have awkward "chops" on the hands or arms; neither of those shots works at all as a horizontal. There's absolutely no reason to frame either of those as horizontal images. VIsually, they are very awkward, and show a lack of study regarding posing and composing.

The maternity shot has the couple off-balance, with a tree taking a prominent role in the shot. Placing people off to one side creates terrific imbalance, and it is very distracting. You had the steel pipe fence leading "to them", but did not use it to actually lead the eye "to" them...had you stepped over to your right two steps, you could have made the fence lead "to" them...but then what would have happened to that tree?

While your exposures are okay, the composing leaves a lot to be desired. The biggest suggestion I can give is to go to your local library, and check out and read some OLDER BOOKS about photography. Not web sites, no YouTube videos, but OLDER books, books from the 1950's to 1980's, books that deal with portraiture, posing, wedding photography, stuff like that.

The simplest rule is this: if the subject is taller than it is wide, the framing will most often be a vertical framing; the two kids, and the woman seated on the railroad tie steps....both of those should have been "talls", without any doubt. The shot of the baby on the merry go round though...the "subject" there is small child, seated, on merry-go-round--so that shot uses the repeating blue bars as elements (repeating lines), so it totally makes sense that the shot is framed as a horizontal image.

The two kids...the wall behind has NO value, at all. Even with the hand-chop, moving from a wide framing (aka a landscape framing) to a taller aspect improves it dramatically:
Untitled_kids cropped.jpg
One other possibility is to find, among your friends or relatives, some one person who likes to pose, and can be available for lots of sessions. Those I would do "in trade for" giving her some nice portraits that she can frame or give to relatives.

The reason I suggest that is because I think you need more practice at many different aspects of portraiture, and you need to have a model that will meet you time and time again as you continue to work things out. Eventually she will get tired of it and quit, but if it's a relative, she can't actually fire you.

Meanwhile, read and study portraiture posing, lighting, composition, model's attire, props, location shoots, studio shoots, formal and informal.
I've been reading a book called understand exposure and have been concentrated on my exposures mostly. I'm 100% new to this and bought my camera with intentions of just taking pictures of my children but now I'm thinking I'd like to do more with it. I've just recently begun to read up on posing but I haven't actually had anyone to experiment with yet. I've been reading articles mostly but so far not any book. If you could recommend a good one on posing that would be great
These aren't to bad for someone new. Keep working at it! :)
Good feedback... I usually have the trees growing out of their heads[emoji21]

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