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May 2, 2009
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So, I ran into a little problem. Yesterday, I shot about 200 photos. I was just now getting them off my card. I do a batch rename that renames all my images by the date shot, plus an incremental number, in order to make archiving an organizing easier. Unfortunately, unknown to me, my camera's internal clock reset to 1/1/2070 12:00 AM. I know it means my lithium coin battery must be dead, and I'll replace that today when I get to the store. However, when I do my batch rename, it will completely mess up how my files get renamed. I have a backup plan, in case I can't find something that works, but I'd rather not do that. Does anyone have any idea of a program that will allow me to batch edit EXIF data, specifically date/time? I tried a program called exifer, but unfortunately, it only works with jpeg, and didn't recognize my RAW files.

My backup plan involves manually batch renaming the files correctly, but the EXIF data will still be screwed up. I'd rather have the EXIF data fixed, but I'll make do another way if I have to. Thanks in advance for any help.
ExifTool is a very general software that makes it possible to batch edit almost any aspect of EXIF data. Unfortunately it is command line style, but there are other GUI-based software based on it that make things easier (e.g., this , not tried as I have a Mac).
To give you an idea, I use Exiftool to set the file modification date equal to EXIF date with a command like this:

exiftool '-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate' *

And I also sometimes set the lens when using M42 adapter:

exiftool -Lens="Zenitar 1.9/50" *
Awesome, I'll have to give that a try when I get home. CLI's don't bother me, and in most cases, I'd rather use one, especially for stuff like this. Thanks a lot!
Opanda will let you change the info & it's a free program.
Opanda will let you change the info & it's a free program.

Thanks for the info. I ended up using ExifTool, and it worked beautifully. I didn't need anything too complicated, so a nice simple command line tool was the best bet. Afterall, all I needed to do was time shift the date in the EXIF data by 60 years. :)

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