Cheapest Digital Camera for my needs


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Feb 7, 2012
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My needs are not great. I have been playing around with my kids making pinhole viewers for looking at images of the sun. We talked about the optics involved and we'd like to try and captuer some images. I need any digital camera that can be operated with the lens removed and be operated in complete manual exposure settings. It would help to have a "bulb" setting for the shutter release.
Resolution is not that big of a deal to me. Can anyone make any kind of suggestions here or give me some idea what the difference is between a 4MP and a 40MP camera? I really have no clue when it comes to digital resolution.
Since this is a limited use project I'd like to keep it on the cheap so used equipment is great. Heck, broken equipment would be awesome, say a DSLR with a broken autofocus motor since I'll be using this without the lense.

I look forward to your input.

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