Check out my first homemade softbox (mostly a success)


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Apr 18, 2008
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Ann Arbor
So I'm actually getting my first umbrella tomorrow, but I just couldn't wait 24hrs for that pretty soft light. I Used 2-3 11x14 mounting boards, gaffers tape, wax paper, and a little velcro.

As you can see, initially the light is pretty even:

But when I crank the aperture tight you can see the hotspot:

I added a little more wax paper to the middle:

The result decreases the hotspot somwhat:

Bare flash camera left (1-2 ft from subject):

With softbox:

I think next I'm going to try making a v-shaped cutout (maybe tinfoil covered), and position it directly on top of the flash, as to direct the light immediately to the top and bottom sides of the softbox. I'll post any updates I make!
It ain't pretty, but it works pretty good.
i was thinking of making a softbox of my own actually .... thanks for lettin me know of the going about procedure :)

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