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Mar 23, 2014
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Akron Ohio
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at one point i had bird seed in one hand and my camera on the monopod in the other, these little guys were fighting over the seeds on my hand. landing on my lens, there must have been 20 or 30 of them at one time. since they were not staying still very long i only got a couple shots of them today. mainly they were on the ground or hovering around me wanting fed. when they did end up in a tree they kept flying far away after they got seeds and than flying back for more. i was hoping they would start going in the near by tree but not many did..

on the first pic i took a brush in lightroom and turned the clarity all the way down so the back ground was kind of blurred out a bit, the little bird almost seem to pop out at you after i did that.

20151110-DSC_3691 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr

20151110-DSC_3614 by Daniel Caldwell, on Flickr
when they land on my hand i always think i could just capture them and take them all home with me lol...
I caught a picture of one landing on my hand. They do this all the time its so cool
_69Y8235 by rgollar, on Flickr

nice pic, its always fun getting them to do that.

i had a guy walk by when there were a few of them flyign over to me and he said something like you must be saint james or something like that lol.. i cant remember the name he used it but it was funny.

i have had a few titmice land on my hand. my mom got a male cardinal to land on hers one day and it probably set there for a min or two., i have saw a photo of someone who got a down woodpecker, that would be pretty cool, most of the time it just seems to be the chickadees that like to land on you.

Wow thats cool a cardinal landed on a hand like that. One day I had one of the big red headed woodpecker land on my hand. Have to admit I was a little iffy at first when it landed.
Worried it was gonna start pecking your hand ? lol. That would be pretty awesome.

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took a video of the chickadees today, i just felt like going to the park and hanging out, only took my little point and shoot with me today..


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