child for c &c and how to get rid of these shadows?


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Dec 18, 2009
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Rochester, IN
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I keep getting these shadows in my shoots. I do not have accessory lights. I am working with my point and shoot and right now; I can't afford to invest in more. What can I do about the shadows?



What time are you shooting.
I like the last one.
The other two are ok.
Do you have a reflector?
You can get one off for 8 dollars.
#3 is nice - I like that one.

#2 has some severe fringing that kinda ruins it for me... (due to the extreme contrast between his arms and the (blown out) sky). It looks like whatever PP you did only exaggerated this...

#1 is cute, but I'm not really a fan of the selective coloring... I think it might be better if the whole thing were color. Just my opinion...
I like number 3. As for shadows the time of day you take pictures make a difference but also move out of direct sunlight an into the shade to take your pictures and it should help with the shadows.
Yeah use a softer brush around the tree and boy in #2. Other than that theyre nice shots. I cant tell what kind of shadow you're talking about. Other than #1. But there's not much you can do when the sun is that high. Other than a reflector of course.
I will invest in a reflector. I'm looking into it now. It's really hard for me to choose time of day etc since I have to work with subject (parents) schedules.

The PP that I did in #2 was to blur the leaves in the background a bit because they were rather bright and distracting, I thought.
I have learned the hard way not to be assertive on the time I shoot outdoors. Because I do not have off camera flash, I have to use the natural light of the sun. This makes getting great photos at 12 noon a bit rough. I know it can be done, but I would rather just say 8am or 6pm until I am better versed at using the light at noon, or 2 or whatever.
I'm assuming these are your children? You control the time! lol
The PP that I did in #2 was to blur the leaves in the background a bit because they were rather bright and distracting, I thought.

#2 Would have benefited from a longer focal length & wider aperture to knock out the background avoiding the PP.

I like #3 !
Try a reflector?

I LOVE these ones. They are a step above the last ones I saw. :) Well done!

1. I still think the selective colouring is taking away from the image. A wider aperture on the background would've been really nice on a full colour image.

2. The tree looks really blown out, and it's a touch too close. There's a good bit of fringe lighting (I have problems with that too, ugh).

3. I love the blur on this one, maybe a little bit brighter? But that's all from me on this one. Well done!

Big improvement! Yay!
Reflectors can be as simple as a foam white board.
Shots look good. A good focus and the lighting doesnt not seem too off.
A little of the shadows can be lightened in post but be careful, this can also blow out other parts.
I just noticed the tree in the upper left of #1 photo seems to have something else done to it, does not fit with the rest of the background.
Keep it up.:thumbup:
Love #3, but did you photoshop the blur into these shots? In #2, it stands out like a sore thumb
Just get a reflector and practice using it to fill in the shadows. Obviously you will want to place the reflector opposite the light source so the light bounces back toward your subject. Reflectors don't need to be expensive -- anything white will do.

You don't want to get rid of shadows, they give subjects apparent depth. The quality of light is your problem here. It is very hard, direct light and not suitable for portraits. Shooting later in the day, under shade, or on overcast days is probably best for you.

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