Choice to make: Tricia


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Mar 23, 2012
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Hey there!

So I have a few with similar poses, and only want to use one, but can't decide which.


1 DSC_0311.JPG 2DSC_0312.JPG 3DSC_0315.JPG 4DSC_0316.JPG
The 3rd one for me :)
She got the seductress look, lol
I cycled through these a bunch of times, until my mind was numb and I had NO idea what the numbers were, took a few seconds to do a quick mental recharge, then finally settled on one, looked down at the bottom of the display window, and the active image was the third one in the series. So...that's my choice.

DGM_my choice.jpg
3 or 4. I like the angle of her body in 3 and I like her expression in 4.
I think it depends on the feel your going for. #3 I would say is the sexiest with the hair and expression, #1 is more playful...
Thanks for the feedback, yall!

Daryl, there are numbers next to the photo lol.
I finally settled on #3.

#1 lost out because her left arm doesn't 'tease' as much as in the other three.

#4 lost out because her right arm placement makes conveys more of a "my gosh, are you taking another picture" vibe.

#3 finally won out because the arm is in a more 'alluring' position, and because the expression on her face is 'cuter'.

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