circular or Linear polarizer filer for Sony H-9


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Jan 7, 2008
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which one do i use? I need to get one before Wednesday! From what I know I would use a circular polarizer filter. Anyway any ideas of some good sites to buy filters would be helpful i need a good price so help me find the great deal. Also it is a 74mm lens so they are harder to find. Help me.
any digital should use a circular.
B+W MRC filters are awesome...just picked one up, and can't say enough about it. Can't wait till there's a sunny day here.
any digital should use a circular.

Why is that? Is it something to do with the sensor? I've never noticed anything. Doesn't it only apply to cameras that have beamsplitters in the optical path?

Academic nit-picking aside, even for cameras that don't have beamsplitters you may as well get a circular because there are no real disadvantages, and if you get another camera in the future it will be compatible.


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