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Sep 4, 2007
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so, i was switching lenses today and wen i put on my 50mm i noticed a lot of particles (looks almost like hair... im thinking maybe from the anti static cloth i used to clean off the lens that had a smudge on it). Anyway i cant seem to get it off (tried lightly blowing on it and using a q tip) any ideas? Its not a huge deal but is sort of a nussiance but it is just on the mirror not the lens or the sensor
if it's just on the mirror and you can't see it through the viewfinder...I'd just leave it.

Chances are that it'll disappear eventually anyways.

clean it just like any other's not a critical imaging's a piece of glass. As long as you don't get anything on the rest of your camera, a qtip damp with lens cleaning fluid or something could work.
Please tell me that you didn't stick a q-tip in there to try to wipe your sensor or mirror with?

Those things can leave more crap on there than they remove.
just to lightly get some of the crap off of the mirror with. worked really well too, it was one of the ones in the cleaning kit i had. theres just some stuff left on the mirror (actually the top prism where the mirror points to) i can live with it though. it is visible on the viewfinder but what ever doesnt hinder the camera in anyway.
Don't touch the mirror. The AF units work through the bottom of it. It won't affect your final image but if you get a smudge on the mirror it could screw with your AF.
It won't affect your final image but if you get a smudge on the mirror it could screw with your AF.

Bingo, I was beaten to it. Also, q-tips are lovely for ears and noses of babies, but they leave more garbage inside your camera than taking out.

Use the proper swab made with properly woven material tips made for camera cleaning, don't use q-tips... ever.

Q-tips are not a solution, they are adding to your problem.

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