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Jul 5, 2007
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Hi all:

Can anyone tell me if it's possible to use an IR filter with the Canon EOS 350D? I have heard from other sources that the 350D does not work with IR filters to provide that cool white effect.

Thanks all.
you need to convert a camera to work with IR to get the right effect. :( There are photoshop filters actions and such that give somewhat similar effects...but obviously not the same.
you can use the IR filter on the 350D, but the kit lens has a hot spot if you go too wide. Also, it requires rather long exposures, making it very challenging. I suggest shooting RAW so you can adjust the WB to your taste.
If you do a search on DeviantArt for "infrared 350d" you'll get quite a few results. A few of them mention their cameras are not modified.
If you do a custom white balance of the grass the colors come out pretty good (black sky, white leaves).
You most definetly can shoot IR with a 350. Just go to my site (signature) and see the Infrarood gallery. All of those were shoot with the 350D. Like mentioned, you can not use the kit-lens. You'll get a major hotspot in the middle of the pic. I use the Canon 50mm 1.8 MKII for IR, works like a charm. Best thing to do is shoot in RAW, way easier than making an Custom WB. This is because not every picture is the same, so you would have to make a new WB with almost every shot to get it right.
And yes, longer a tripod is really needed.
Super fantastic! Thank you all for the input and thanks for the heads up doenoe. A IF filter and ND filter will be my next purchase.

Take care.

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