Clouds picture C&C please


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Jan 26, 2012
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I was looking all my pictures and i would love to read C&C of this two.

Nikon D60
0.0002 sec (1/640)
28 mm
ISO 100
No Flash

Shine & Clouds by NetteRequena, on Flickr

Nikon D60
0.003 sec (1/320)
ISO 100
No Flash

Clouds by NetteRequena, on Flickr
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Please post larger copies, I usually post the larger "medium" choice from Flicr. Other than that they look like pretty pictures of sky and cloud! :)
Composition doesn't work for me. It's hard to get composition out of the sky. Exposure looks good. IMO
I love the first one, although the silhouette of the land in the bottom right corner is a bit distracting. I'm not such a fan of the second picture. But I'm a newb. :)
Very nice exposure! I think the composition needs a little work. Use the rule of thirds as a guide, but you don't have to use it all the time.

In the first photo, I feel the sun right in the center draws attention away from the clouds. The second photo is better, I'd crop out the trees at the bottom of the photo.

I'm not pro, just giving some advice from what I've learned, and what I'm learning. :)

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