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Aug 31, 2011
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Well, Ive been asked to design a menu for the bar I work at. The menu will consist of some specialty drinks. This is a test shot of a drink I made at home (One of my favorites from a local restaurant) Similar shots will be in the menu. Im looking for light modifiers and softboxes to use at other locations. This was on my coffee table, with natural window light camera left and up. 4 shots, focus stacked. -As a mixologist I implore you to try some of these recipes. I will continue to add some of my personal favorites. If you have more questions, please ask. And, by all means, post up some of your favorites.

Jack SatanII by keips66, on Flickr
Jack Satan by keips66, on Flickr
some other info: King size ice cube, Hibiscus flowers blended and strained, chile tincture is 151 rum and thai chile peppers (infused), chile rim consists of salt, pasilla chiles, ancho chiles, and allspice. Also, Gum syrup to add texture to the drink.
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I think the cocktail name is very fitting.... that recipe sounds like it will set you on fire. Thai chilies can be outrageous!
:) Its not too spicy... just right. and the hibiscus is perfect. Great on a hot summer evening.
You do delivery? ;)
Ah. Too bad. Mi-lady has just left the bath, and she's in the mood... Guess will have to improvise. Dang. where is a hibiscus when you need one? Nemmind. Found a substitute. :biggrin:
:) Haha you guys are just going to have to make one on your own... they are daaaaammmmmm good too! Im working on the next drink. -Stay tuned....
I love the name "Jack Satan" Is there a "Jill Angel?"
Alright. here is another good summer evening drink... Clean. Refreshing. Yum

HotelII by keips66, on Flickr
Hotel Nacionale Speciale by keips66, on Flickr
Shake it up. Strain it. Enjoy...
I used a good aged rum.
5 exposures. near sundown. overcast, muggy evening in NorCal.
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^hmm on my work monitor that looks underexposed.
workin on the next one...
Both seem under exposed. The first seems blue, unless you were going for that.
yeah well I guess thats why I dont edit on my laptop... while enjoying these... Ill have to tweak some things.

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