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    So I just got a batch of images from Mpix today and I have to say I am shocked. They are dark and the color is off. I am almost 100% sure this is due to my monitor being off because the images looked pretty damn nice on my monitor. So the question I have is this If I run out and buy the $54.95 model from B+H I want to know what I wil be missing form the next level up or the one up from that. Currently due to an injury all I am doing is images for personal use and it will stay that way for at least another year so I imagine this will be enough but I wanted an opinion from someone who knows. Also is there some way I can do it simply withoud using these items.

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    I tried to 'do it simply' and I could never get it close enough. I bought the Spyder and the change was pretty amazing.

    HERE is a comparison of the different software packages (the Spyder is the same).

    I went with the Express, which is the cheapest one. It works fine but it's not made to calibrate two monitors (which I have). I think I can work around that...but maybe not.

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