Columbia Zoo Pics - Baby Koala Head


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Oct 11, 2007
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I took the girls to Columbia Zoo today with the Wife and a friend. We got a rare occasion to see a Koala and it's baby in pouch poking it's head out. I got some good pics but there is a small problem with the others, I need to edit the good ones cause the momma was going number 2 while the baby was poking it's head out. But here is one after that, not as good as others, but I feel it's okay.


2. Picture taken by a 5yo with an elcheapo digital camera of me.

C&C welcomed. Also if someone were to help me edit one of the Koala pics just to remove the "number 2" out of them would this still be considered my work? I'm going to attempt cloning, but I havn't used Gimp that far yet and might take a while to learn it. I filled up 2X2G and a 1G card today have a lot to go through and they are all Raw.
Columbia SC? I live in Columbia. Are you at Ft. Jackson? I have a friend there: Sargent Stucky I think it is, he is a medic at one of the forward aid stations.
Nah I'm at FT Gordon GA in augusta, about 1:15 away. We drove up there today, kidnapped the oldest out of school, I know bad parent, but I couldn't leave her behind lol. Oh and yeah columbia SC

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