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Jan 19, 2012
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Now that I have been playing more with my camera and using all the advice I got form my previous post I would like some constructive criticism on this image I took today of my 3 month old son.


IMG_0756 by ashmergl22, on Flickr
Great focus on the face. I wish the composition included he rest of your child's body. Is that natural light?
What do you think might be wrong with it?
if it was me, i would start by recropping using the rule of thirds and put his nose on the lower left corner. a few other nitpick with the background but the face is very sharp and i personally like the dof.
Yeah I think I could have done a better job on using the rule of thirds to incorporate all of his body but because he had a diaper on I was trying to get as little of that in the picture as possible...I don't think anything is necessarily wrong with it but like the pp said, the crop is off. This is natural light and it is edited using photoshop to smooth out his skin and enhance his eyes a bit.
Bring the black point up to 40, and the white point down to 245.

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