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Apr 22, 2021
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Hello! I am an influencer on IG. I had a very large company (worth $2.5 billion) reach out to license a photo of mine featuring their product. The terms they want are unlimited global usage, non exclusive in perpetuity. Can anyone help me figure out what I should quote for this?! THANK YOU!!
A lot
Ok jokes aside
An up front payment and then fixed year royalties regardless of amount of use for next 50 years
And if you die the same goes to your Nomanated person
That would be my way,
The regardless of use ok well at the start the image could be used a lot then it will wane
To me better knowing that every year there will be a sized sum than a surge followed by a drop here a dribble there nothing then another dribble
I am purely a hobbyist and don’t sale my work but this is how I would do it
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