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Sep 20, 2010
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Austin, TX
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I've been thinking about starting a tutorial series for some of my more interesting shoots. I'm sure this is all very self-explanatory to you guys, but I thought it might be interesting for people just getting into shooting and who are interested in the commercial side. I try to keep my site as up-to-date as possible with my current projects, but I just recently started a blog and am thinking about taking it in this direction. I use shoe-mount flashes almost exclusively for their portability and flexibility. Although this shot is pretty simple, I've rigged some interesting setups on-location that I think other professionals might find amusing.

ny thoughts? Interesting? Confusing? Pointless? Awesome!? Really?

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone!

I find this very interesting! Especially to those who are new to this kind of style (like myself).
I've never really thought of using a spray bottle to create some-what of a mist, it gave me a neat idea to solve one of my buddies idealistic shots he's been asking for.

Awesome! I'd like to see more of these

edit: I also just checked out your portfolio, loving the shots.
I agree that you should re-think the diagram. I can barely read the words; actually there are words I can't read. Nice idea though!
I'd hate to work with the Canon EF 50mm comapct macro in a studio setting. Heck, I'd hate to work with it in any setting other than a Manual Focus Macro session.

You pulled off some nice results with it. But I must ask, why the 50mm macro and not the f/1.8 II or better yet, the f/1.4 USM?
Thanks! I had actually sketched this out to email to another photographer I work with, and thought it would make an interesting post - will work on cleaning up the diagram for the next one.

I had actually shot this quite some time ago, and would really have preferred something a little easier to work with than my 50mm macro. At the time, I had my 70-200IS, a 24mm and my 50mm macro. I had to be a little closer to gauge when the mist was at the right point to shoot, otherwise I'd have stepped back a little with my 70-200. It took a few tries, but when the focus is dialed in precisely that macro is really sharp.

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