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Jul 6, 2013
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NY but currently in China
Am looking to set up a studio with a few of my friends from scratch. We are going to specialize only in Product Photography enhancing it with Speed & Special Effect Photography.

We will be shooting Products and adding in elements such as Shadow, Smoke, Water, Sparks, Fire, Bubbles, Ripples, Mist, Glow, Splash, Drop, Break, Burst and so on. After some post processing this would be made into Web content, Catalogs, Brochures, Flyers and so on. Very few posters and such if any.

The size of the Products would be a Maximum of about 1.5 x 1.5 Mtr and a minimum of about 100 x 100 mm. Products of Different Texture, Leather, Matt and Gloss Bodies.

I need help with pretty much everything such as but not limited to

1. Camera (Camera with HD Video is preferred)
2. Tripod
3. Lens
4. Filters
5. Flash
6. Lights
7. Domes, Reflectors, Backgrounds

I do understand it’s not about the Kit but the Photographer, but at the end of the day you still do need your kit to get you where you want to go with it. Especially when you’re looking to do it for commercial reasons. Other than the space we have nothing else available at the moment.

Total Budget is about 5000 USD, The lesser the better but we don’t want to cut any corners and are ready to spend a little more if needed.

Any and every help or advice is much appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.

Ps : Might not be exactly in the right section of the forum, but not exactly which is. So Mods Please move my thread if need be, am sorry for that.:dunno

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