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Aug 24, 2015
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North Shields
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I have posted my first person photo in another section and thought I would post the other 3 photos that were worth saving here.

I only got my camera at the weekend and really don't know a lot, I am at the complete newbie stage.

I do think the best way to learn is to be hands on and just have a go, so here they are, feedback very welcome as its the only way I can improve is to know what's wrong with them.

2 by Christopher Telford, on Flickr

3 by Christopher Telford, on Flickr

4 by Christopher Telford, on Flickr

thanks for looking!
Hi Christopher,

Welcome to TPF! Looks like you are off to a nice start. Good job getting at eye level on the dogs. Try cropping a little bit off the right side of #4 (picture #3), and a little bit off the top of both of them. If you just scroll your screen up or down you can see the difference.

All 3 shots could have used a faster shutter speed. As a guide, try shooting at 1 over the focal length you are using. The bee photo was shot at 171mm, so 1/200 may have been a better choice of shutter speed. Don't be afraid to kick your iso up in order to compensate for the faster SS.

I will find your other post and comment on that photo ( I really like it).
We like bees and dogs for sure. The bee is too small in the frame, and since some of the flowers are out of focus, I don't consider them the main subject.

Dog #1 framed very nicely.

Dog #2 should have framed just a bit lower to get a bit of his shoulder and less empty space above his head. Also move your frame a bit to the left, to give the dog's gaze some space. Whenever someone is looking off frame, (or walking, etc) give the anticipated movement (or gaze) some space in which to "advance".

Thank you for your feedback. I did struggle on my first few shots with the whole exposure, trying to get the settings right, I had the camera on manual and I didn't even think about the iso settings, don't even think I know how to change that one yet! Shutter speed I think has been my main problem the first day, quite a few photos came out blurred. I have started to watch some YouTube videos to try and get a better grasp on how it all works together.
But thanks again for the feedback, very helpful!


Thank you, your feedback on how to frame the dogs better is very helpful and the advice on to give some space makes a lot of sense, I will try to put that into effect with my next photos.

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